PTO Board Info

A big Thank you to the outgoing committee that has worked so hard throughout the year. They have worked relentlessly to bring about all the fundraisers which helps fund a lot of the activities for our kids. They have brought the balance in the PTO account to a healthy $5K plus!

Thank you once again to:

President: Dan Durant
Vice President: Kristin Berenson
Secretary: Dawn Baker
Treasurer: Phyllis Prokop

We really appreciate all your efforts!!

On Tuesday morning (May 20, 2014), a new Executive Committee was nominated for the year 2014-2015. The new members are as follows:
President: Deb Herz
Vice President LisaMarie Fontano
Secretary: Dan Durant
Treasurer: Phyllis Prokop will continue till someone volunteers

A new position for Fund Raising was created:
Fund raising Chair: Gina Sandu

Thank you to the parents who have stepped up and volunteered. Good Luck!