Meeting Minutes – October 1, 2011

 These minutes are pending approval from the general membership.

PTO Meeting Minutes
Saturday October 1, 2011

1.  Call to Order at 9:59 a.m. 

Motion to accept agenda:  Motion, second, all accepted, none opposed

2.  Introduction of Officers

Daniel Durant – President – Present
Lillanya Gray – Vice President – Present
Merlette Hansel – Treasurer – unable to attend
Christine Colenbaugh – Secretary – Present

3.  PTO Website:

The Website was shown on the SMARTboard for all to see.  Pages were shown briefly to allow those in attendance to become familiar with the site.  It was explained that the website is updated regularly and contains information and forms.  The website still needs to be connected with the school website.

The Contact Us page has the email address for the PTO.  This email is monitored daily.  In addition, there is a comments section that works like a blog.  Comments can be directly added to the web page.  Any inappropriate information will be deleted from the website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Because the Treasurer was unable to attend, the Treasurer’s Report was not presented.  A request was made to have a hard copy available when the treasurer is not in attendance.

4.  2011-2012 School Year Plan and Proposed Calendar

The calendar was made available to all in attendance as a handout.  It represents the events that have been discussed and approved by the Executive Board (E-Board) at this time.  It does not mean that other events cannot be added over time.

This month the PTO is focusing on planning a science themed costume dance.  Daniel Durant has agreed to DJ the event.  A student in the meeting asked if Aliens are considered science themed.  Ms. Brady said, “absolutely!”

The 8th grade semi-formal is planned for May; however, the 8th grade leadership committee (student based committee) has shown interest in having a dance.  Ms. Brady recommended that the PTO work with this group to plan a dance in February as well as in May.  There is a Promotional Ceremony for 8th grade students in May that can coincide with this dance.

Ms. Brady wants to ensure that students are able to focus on midterm examinations (January) and finals (First week in June).  For that reason, she has requested that the only event done in June is Field Day.

Dress down/hat days were discussed.  Stickers will be distributed to any student who pays the fee.  A suggestion was made to keep records by class list in order to ensure that teachers know who is allowed to dress down or wear hats on those days.

Motion to accept 2011-2012 School Year Plan and Proposed Calendar – Motion to accept agenda:  Motion, second, all accepted, none opposed

5.  School Photo Volunteers

Student Picture Day is Monday, October 3rd.  Volunteers are needed to assist in the organization of students during this process.  Two hour time slots were suggested (8:45 – 10:45, 10:45 – 12:45, 12:45 – 2:45).

Thank you to those parents/grandparents who have agreed to volunteer their time!

6.  Butter Braid Fundraiser

The chairperson for this fundraiser was unavailable today.  Flyers will be going out next week.  Orders are expected to be received by Thanksgiving.

 7.  Un-Fundraiser

This allows parents to contribute money to the PTO in varying amounts, and provides paperwork to provide employers with information about the program.  The recommended donation is $40 but parents are encouraged to contribute what they can.  It is not required and does not have to be in lieu of any other fundraiser.

8.  Committees

Box Tops 4 Education:  Report from chairperson, Whitney Smith.

Last year’s total earnings were $57.  This year we have already earned $30.  Box Tops need to be submitted in December and March.  There will be contests/motivators planned to encourage students to bring in box tops around these dates.  Some motivators include:  class trophy, stickers, drawing for a donated prize.

Ms. Brady has offered to send out a Connect Ed message to remind parents and students to send in the Box Tops near the due date.

The PTO website has a list of products that have Box Tops and coupons for some of these products.  New coupons will be added each month.

Mr. Smith also suggested PTO participation in Labels for Education.  Information will be added to the website but this fundraiser has not been voted on by the PTO E-Board or the general membership.  Use of points earned will be discussed at the next E-Board meeting and will be presented at the November PTO Meeting.  An account has already been set up for the PTO and currently has a balance of 430 points.

9.  Discussion

A parent requested that more information be sent out regarding fundraisers like Box Tops 4 Education, especially for those who are new to the school scene.

10.  Adjourn

Motion to adjourn – Motion, second, all accepted, none opposed