Keith Sevigny Named Hartford’s 2012 Teacher of the Year

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Keith Sevigny, a science teacher at the Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School, was named Hartford’s 2012 Teacher of the Year at the annual Hartford Public Schools Teacher of the Year dinner banquet held on May 24, 2012, at The Marriott Hartford Downtown Hotel, 200 Columbus Blvd.
Keith Sevigny started out as a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company in Branford, Connecticut. He decided one day that he could be of better service to humanity as a school teacher.
So he enrolled in the University of Connecticut Greater Hartford Teacher Certification Program for College Graduates, where, in 2007, he earned a Masters’ Degree in Education and did his student teaching in ninth-grade science at Hartford’s Sport and Medical Sciences Academy.
He has remained with Hartford Public Schools ever since and has so made a difference in the lives of the city’s children that he has been named Hartford’s 2012 Teacher of the Year.
The surprise announcement was made at the annual Hartford Public Schools Teacher of the Year dinner banquet held on May 24, 2012 at The Marriott Hartford Downtown Hotel, 200 Columbus Blvd., in Hartford.
Now a science teacher at the Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School, Keith Sevigny was one of 38 nominees and three finalists that were considered by a special school district committee after a months-long process of interviews, school visits and reviewing written essays from the candidates. The selection committee consisted of curriculum directors from Hartford Public Schools, two former Teacher-of-the-Year winners and representatives of the Hartford Federation of Teachers.
When asked what motivated him to switch careers and become a teacher, Mr. Sevigny said, “I wanted to help people in a different way: education.”
“My few short months of teaching 9th grade at the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy inspired me to pursue a career in urban education at Hartford Public Schools,” he said.
Born in Windsor Locks, Mr. Sevigny received his Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from the honors program at the University of Connecticut.
Mr. Sevigny began his first full-time teaching job at Hartford Public High School, teaching physical science and biology. After his first year, he began developing an inquiry-based science curriculum that was later adopted on a district-wide level and presented in a forum on curriculum development at the annual conference of the National Science Teachers Association.
In 2010, Mr. Sevigny transferred to the newly redesigned Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School and has been a major contributor to the school’s success. He and his students worked in collaboration with University High School of Science and Engineering, the University of Hartford, Yale University, and Hamilton Sundstrand to design student experiments that have flown on the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2011 and on the International Space Station in 2012.
He has also helped coordinate school wide science fairs and is currently working with colleagues to pilot Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School’s Capstone Course, whose goal is to allow all 8th grade students to have an authentic experience in a STEM-related field within the community and present their findings.
Mr. Sevigny and his wife, Jennifer, who is also a science teacher, live in Colchester.
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